I am a film director based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I started my career directing documentaries and then migrated into commercials.


My commissioned films are usually a result of live-action shootings mixed with compositing and 3D elements. No matter how much post I use in creating images, I like to make them look realistic and powerful.


I believe that today, with everyone having a mobile phone equipped with a camera and producing images, advertising should not rely on just ordinary imagery. My tools to grab the viewers' attention and deliver a surprising effect are based on digital manipulation that leaves no trace and seems real.


By contrast, my personal works are usually documentary-style and relate to the investigation of subcultures that interest me.


My logo was designed by legendary Brazilian political cartoonist Angeli, who had an important role in the dissemination of punk culture and subversive behavior in Brazil (at least for me!).


I made black-boot patches with the illustration which I award to close friends and work colleagues who deserve them.


I am currently represented by Vetor Filmes.


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